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how to program with advanced java 2 platform

portada how to program with advanced java 2 platform
  • how to program with advanced java 2 platform

how to program with advanced java 2 platform


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the authoritative deitel™ live-code™ guide to programming with the java™ 2 enterprise (j2se™ ), standard (j2se™ ) and micro (j2me™ ) editions

java™ has revolutionized application and enterprise-systems development. using examples and case studies totaling almost 40,000 lines of code, this exciting companion to java how to program, 4/e focuses on j2ee-based, enterprise-systems development, presents advanced j2se concepts and introduces wireless/small-device programming with j2me.

dr. harvey m. deitel and paul j. deitel are the founders of deitel & associates, inc., the internationally recognized corporate-training and content-creation organization specializing in java™ , c++, c, c#™ , visual basic(r), visual c++(r), .net, xml™ , python, perl, internet, web and object technologies. the deitels are also the authors of the worlds #1 c++ textbook--c++ how to program, 3/e-and many other best sellers.

in advanced java 2 platform how to program, the deitels and their colleague sean e. santry discuss the topics you need to build java-based enterprise systems, including:
  • j2ee™ /j2se™ /j2me™
  • ejb™ /jdbc™ /jts/jms/javabeans™
  • jini™ /javaspaces™ /jiro™ /jmx
  • servlets/jsp™ /wap/wml
  • rmi/corba/rmi over iiop
  • xml/dtd/dom/xslt
  • secure sockets/digital signatures/jce/jaas
  • advanced swing/drag and drop/mvc
  • graphics/java 2d™ /java 3d™
  • application servers/design patterns
  • peer to peer/web services with soap
  • internationalization/accessibility/jni/jcp

advanced java2 platform how to program includes extensive pedagogic features:
  • numerous live-code™ programs with screen captures that show exact outputs
  • extensive world, wide web and internet resources to encourage further research
  • tips, recommended practi